Freight transport without borders! Europe, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,..
International freight transport and logistics. The complete service package!
All versions: automobile freight, air freight, by railway, shipping, multimodal freight.
Warehouse service, consolidation, customs duty, formalization of documents.
Why us?
We deliver your freight „from door to door“, including consolidation, customs duty, insurance and delivery to the customer’s warehouse.
We have a operative, secure and flexible System of freight transport, while always taking care of special customer wishes.
We are controlling every step of the transport and we inform you centralized and currently about the location of your freight.
We are a professional team, which has knowledge in the newest technology concerning information, in algorithms of modern business strategy and in many foreign languages.
We are working by international standards of quality in the field of logistics and freight transport.
Due to the very favorable geographic location in the western part of Germany the Freight Forwarding Company „Turva GmbH“ offers you the full range of services concerning logistics and freight transport from countries of the EU into following countries:
Experience: More than ten years, we are active in the field of international freight transportation. During this time, a very competent team has formed and we have won the trust of our customers.
Warranty: The relationship between our customers and us is confidential and we honor all agreements and keep our promises.
Value for money: Based on observation of the prices of our competitors, we are trying to offer our customers the best possible price. The pricing policy is based on the principle of "Top quality for an affordable price."
Process: Thanks to a specially developed software, order processing and delivery of information about the whereabouts of the goods takes minimal time.